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Microwave ovens are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Making hot food quickly and easily accessible to you and your family, they are truly a miracle of modern technology. Extremely efficient in their use of electricity, microwave ovens use microwave radiation, which excites water, fat, and sugar molecules into atomic motion—also known as heat. When this process is hindered by broken or damaged parts, it’s time for a microwave repair service from experts you can trust.

Every Microwave Make and Model

When your microwave oven fails, give TechCare Appliance Repair a call. Our professional technicians can install and repair any make and model of microwave appliance.


If you’re sure the microwave is plugged in and the door is closed properly, the culprit is likely the fuse. If the electrical current got too strong or you slammed the microwave door, a fuse may have blown. If replacing the fuse doesn’t work, you may also have a faulty door switch. Call us for help with microwave repair.


Also called “arcing,” sparks can occur if you put foil or utensils in the microwave, if food splatters ignite, if a high-voltage diode shorts out, or if a defective stirrer (from a broken fan motor or stirrer belt) causes heat to concentrate in one area. Get microwave repair from the experts who care.


If your turntable isn’t rotating, the carousel may need to be re-aligned on the turning mechanism. The issue may also be caused by a worn-out or split turntable drive bushing. Another issue that can cause this is a defective tray motor. Our technicians can troubleshoot and repair your microwave turntable.

  • Check your breaker Microwave ovens, especially older models, use a lot of energy. If you discover your microwave oven has quit before it has finished heating, check your breaker. Often, the power in the rest of the kitchen will go out as well as an indication it is the breaker, but this may not necessarily be the case, and it may not come to your mind that it’s the breaker. Locate your utility box, and open it up. One of the switches should be red if it’s tripped. Simply switch this until it’s back to black and then retry your microwave oven.
  • Check the outlet Some modern outlets switch off if they sense too much power coming into your home. This is for safety so an electrical fire doesn’t start in your home (that would be bad). If you have one of these, the outlet will have a little button you can simply press to reset it. You may want to consider removing other items in this outlet that are plugged in if this problem keeps happening. Inspect the outlet as well, and make sure it looks like it’s working.
  • Check your microwave fuse Microwave ovens have their own fuses as well that protect the electrical device (in this case, the microwave) from being damaged from an unexpected power surge. Fuses are simply a piece of wire that melts at high temperatures. When the power current soars, the wire melts and the circuit shorts. The fuse on your microwave will need to be replaced. If you choose to DIY this task, make sure the microwave is unplugged before replacing. If you have no idea where the microwave fuse is and how to do such a thing, call Omega Force Services in the Twin Cities service area, and we’ll come out and rescue you.
  • Check the door If the door latch is open and won’t close, your microwave oven won’t work. This is for safety reasons. You will probably need to call in the microwave repair guys (hint: us at Omega Force Services) to get a new door latch. You may be able to find the right one on Amazon, but until drones are in service, it’ll be a couple of days, and the door latch may not work. And we all know we can’t go THAT long without the microwave.
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